VA Aid & Attendance

As a veteran, you are entitled to receive a monthly pension benefit for simply having served.

Our Mission is to educate our Veterans or surviving spouse of a veteran about the VA improved pension benefit program called Aid & Attendance.

This program will provide a monthly income for those veterans (or their surviving dependent) with medical need, who qualify based on their dates of service and meet the income and asset test. This pension benefit is designed to help offset the cost of either Home Health Care or an Assisted Living Facility.

We work with a fully accredited law firm that handles VA Pension Benefits exclusively. They are able to get these benefits approved in 30-90 days.

The VA Pension Benefits can mean to a Veteran, or their surviving dependent, an extra $631.00 to $3,327.00 in additional monthly income.

We have specialized in Public Benefits Planning since 1996 and have successfully qualified over 6,000 clients. After a FREE fact finding consultation, we can provide you with a wealth preservation plan that will protect you from having to spend down your lifetime savings and still allow you to qualify for the VA Aid & Attendance.


$2,760 Veteran marries veteran, both need care $33,120
$2,085 Veteran w/spouse or dependent $25,020
$1,758 Veteran w/no dependent $21,096
$1,380 Veteran w/spouse or dependent, only spouse needs care $16,560

This is TAX FREE income

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