11-Year-old’s Invention Helps the Disabled

By Isabel Mascareñas
WTSP Tampa Bay’s 10 News – New Port Richey, Florida – May 29, 2007

If necessity is the mother of invention, 11-year-old Cameron Roberts is proof of it and he’s now being recognized for his creative thinking.

Here's a young man who's done so much for the community assisting the elderly and those who are disabled. Today we gave him a thank you. The thanks are for inventing the "Res-QLift."

State Senator Mike Fasano, R District 11:

Two years ago Cameron remembers one of his mother’s patients falling at her home and the woman’s daughter was unable to lift her. Cameron says the “Res-QLift” provides the muscle power to help move disabled or injured patients.

"People who have trouble getting them up can just slide them onto my invention."

Cameron Roberts

Mechanical Engineer Jerry Chang agreed to help Cameron develop his invention. Chang is president of Florida International Business Service, a company that helps inventors create their product.

"When people are young they have lots of dreams and are very creative. The idea is we need to encourage young kids so when they grow up they make more inventions."

Jerry Chang, Pres. Florida International Business Service

Res-QLift is designed for nursing homes, hospitals even homes. The device allows one to lift a patient off the ground or from a bed to a wheel chair.

The Res-QLift is raised and lowered with the push of a button. Chang says the lift moves slowly so as not to scare patients. The prototype is made of stainless steel but the final product will be lighter and made out of aluminum. Res-QLift can hold up to 500 pounds. Chang also says the final product will have safety straps.

Cameron had kept his invention quiet until he was matched up with Michael Osadchey in November through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay Bay.

"He helped me meet Mike Fasano. He's basically the best part of what happened today." Cameron's mother says there's a patent pending on the "Res-QLift."


The 11-year-old is already working on his next invention.